Introducing GeoSCAN 3.0

Introducing GeoSCAN 3.0

We are happy to announce that GeoSCAN 3.0 was launched today with a new interface, design and a lot of new functionalities which will have great benefit for the farmers and agricultural consultants.

GeoSCAN 3.0 introduced new meteo data panel, which covers all the necessary information that a farmer would need to follow and plan his crops development and treatments such as:


Weather forecast

  • Historical data for maximum and minimum temperatures and precipitation are displayed for one year;
  • 7-day weather forecast and hourly forecasts for air temperature and precipitation;
  • 7-day agro Forecast includes the following parameters: temperatures, precipitation and precipitation probability, cloud cover and height, relative humidity, wind speed and wind direction gust;
  • Hourly sowing forecast;
  • Hourly spraying forecast;

Phenological calendar

The phenological calendar is based on the accumulated effective temperature sums during the active crop growth period – Growing degree days (GDD) and long-term average phenophase calendar. Overall rainfall calculation based on the sowing dates is presented and also rainfall for a specific period of the agricultural year set by the user can be observed.


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