GeoSCAN allows you to monitor your crop fields during the vegetative season.



What is GeoSCAN?

GeoSCAN is a crop monitoring program that provides near-real time tracking of plant growth and the opportunity for taking in-time measures for improving yield results.

GeoSCAN is based on the latest technologies for Earth Observation, the program provides different types of geometric accuracy and large territory coverage with extremely high revisit periods.

GeoSCAN has a new intuitive interface with many additional functionalities. Ask us more about GeoSCAN 3.0.

How does GeoSCAN work ?

With subscription for the GeoSCAN program you will receive up to date satellite images of your fields over the whole vegetative period. The satellite acquisition periods are determined in compliance with the agronomic indicators of the major annual and perennial crops.

At the end of the agricultural season, you will have maps, covering the vegetation of your field throughout the year. Each map is indicating the vegetation index in a relevant crop phenological stage.

GeoSCAN offers additional functionalities, such as phenological calendar,  integration of data from meteo stations, notifications for extreme crop conditions, and many more.

Which are the GeoSCAN benefits ?

GeoSCAN is a program based on the integration of:

  • Satellite images, providing crop development analysis of each individual field;
  • Local weather data. Providing historical, forecast, agrograms and phenological information for each separate field;
  • Soil analysis data, including maps and recommendations based on soil sampling;
  • Growing Degree Days (GDD) – tracing the accumulation of the Growing Degree Days for each day on the following crops – wheat, barley, rapeseed, sunflower, corn and oats and the transition of the crops from one phenophase of development to another;
  • Field observations.

Why to use the GeoSCAN Mobile App ?

The problematic area identified on the map can be scouted on the field utizing the GeoSCAN Mobile App. In addition, you can establish a detailed database for the crop development and the necessary agricultural operations through recording of GPS coordinates, pictures and additional notes from the mobile device. The GeoSCAN Mobile App supports the following activities:

  • Identifying areas experiencing stress;
  • Identifying areas requiring agricultural operations;
  • Supporting scouting activities;
  • Supporting planning activities;
  • Identifying zones with different potential productivity;
  • Supporting the VRA system;
  • Improving farm reporting;
  • Geotagging.

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About us

GeoSCAN is a product created by Techno Farm Ltd., and offered to the Bulgarian farmers by NIK Electronics Ltd. NIK’s software team is composed of specialists in the fields of software technology, agriculture, GIS and remote sensing sectors, united around the idea that farmers need to have in their disposal the opportunity to take advantage of the constantly developing information technologies and services.

We believe that nowadays the software systems have their place in every modern farm and we seek by constantly developing our products and services to satisfy the expectations of the Bulgarian farmers.


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