Satellite monitoring and VRA – the new age of farming

Satellite monitoring and VRA – the new age of farming

In the beginning of December NIK took part in the National farming seminar, organized by the National association of grain-producers in Bulgaria.

During the seminar the CEO of the company presented the latest innovations in the field of precision farming, including satellite monitoring of the crops, soil sampling and analysis and variable rate application of fertilizers.


VRA is a very useful method when it comes to optimization of resources, efficiency of spraying and precision farming. In order to use it, farmers need VRA maps, which can be imported into the navigation display.

The VRA maps are prepared by agronomists after soil sampling and analysis. The soil sampling is conducted in a specific methodology in order to provide coverage of the whole field.

The soil sampling grid and the tracks from the ATV machine will be visible in the new GeoSCAN 3.0.

One of the focus of the presentation was GeoSCAN and its new functionalities, as well as its integration with the AgroBalance service package, which includes soil and plant tissue sampling and analysis, fertilization recommendations from an expert agronomist and monitoring of the crops during the vegetation period.

The combination between satellite monitoring of the crops with GeoSCAN and the AgroBalance services can provide farmers with detailed information about the development of their fields, allowing them to take easier, quicker and more precise management decisions.