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What is GeoSCAN?

GeoScan is an integrated platform that includes 4 distinct monitoring features  (crop,, machines and equipment, irrigation systems, and weather stations), allowing both real-time visualization of parameters and visualization of activities for the selected time periods.

Which are the GeoSCAN benefits ?

  1. Visualization of the information on a single platform
  2. Visualization with the help of satellite images (NDVI index), of the effect in time of the works carried out by the machines and their equipment
  3. Simultaneous viewing of any two maps: maps of the vegetation index, maps of the distribution of nutrients in the soil or maps of the relative water content of the soil.
  4. Placing markers on the web platform and viewing them in the mobile application allowing field inspection of crops and transfer of images and data between users.
  5. Real-time tracking of the movement of machines and their equipment, as well as visualization of the location, fuel consumption, distance traveled and speed at predefined intervals

6.View the working reports of the machines with all the details related to the work in the plots, the consumption per ha on the go or stationary, of the worked surface as well as of the maps covering the plots with the respective works.

  1. Generating complex reports and exporting them in different formats, manually or pre-programmed by email.
  2. Real-time visualization of the activity of irrigation pivots and providing details related to: condition, position in the plot, direction of rotation, water rate, speed of movement and water pressure.
  3. Viewing the activity reports of the pivots, at different time intervals, mentioning the events that occurred, the irrigated area, the duration, the water rate and the total amount of water applied

Why to use the GeoSCAN Mobile App ?

The problematic area identified on the map can be scouted on the field utizing the GeoSCAN Mobile App. In addition, you can establish a detailed database for the crop development and the necessary agricultural operations through recording of GPS coordinates, pictures and additional notes from the mobile device. The GeoSCAN Mobile App supports the following activities:

  • Identifying areas experiencing stress;
  • Identifying areas requiring agricultural operations;
  • Supporting scouting activities;
  • Supporting planning activities;
  • Identifying zones with different potential productivity;
  • Supporting the VRA system;
  • Improving farm reporting;
  • Geotagging.

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About us

GeoSCAN software team is composed of specialists in the fields of software technology, agriculture, GIS and remote sensing sectors, united around the idea that farmers need to have in their disposal the opportunity to take advantage of the constantly developing information technologies and services.

We believe that nowadays the software systems have their place in every modern farm and we seek by constantly developing our products and services to satisfy the expectations of the Bulgarian farmers.


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